Worst Aston Martin

I love Aston Martins. Love them. Want to own one so badly I would consider renting out the basement apartment of my chateau on Lake Constance to pay for one.

But not this one.

Aston Martin decided to take a Toyota iQ, a little city car, and make the Cygnet, a little city car Toyota made to look sorta like an Aston.

This this is real. And they are going to sell it.

Now, for minor redemption, they are going to sell it only to those that own real Astons. Thankfully. So basically, what this is is a statement as your drive around the city that "my other Saab is a turbo Aston is a DB9" only this time, it is actually true. Probably. Until someone sells these things on the used market.

Also, if I owned an Aston, why the hell would I want to drive this? Then again I have a cousin who had a Porsche 911 GT2, and now a Maserati Quattroporte, along with a Smart Car... so I suppose there might be a market.

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