Obama gets put in place by Dem Senator

In a worrying sign, a Democratic Senator recently felt the need to remind our Philosopher King President what exactly were the limits of his constitutional authority after Obama claimed he would agree to cut US emissions by 17% by 2020 for the Copenhagen summit:

Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., reminded the president of his limits in a letter he sent to the White House last week after Obama announced he would travel to Copenhagen and lay out America's goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.

"I would like to express my concern regarding reports that the administration may believe it has the unilateral power to commit the government of the United States to certain standards that may be agreed upon (in Denmark). ... The phrase 'politically binding' has been used," Webb wrote. "As you well know from your time in the Senate, only specific legislation agreed upon in the Congress, or a treaty ratified by the Senate, could actually create such a commitment on behalf of our country."

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