Schumacher is Back, with Mercedes

Schumi is moving to Mercedes, which is really Brawn GP, which is really Honda. Or was, a little over a year ago. In other words, the whole F1 world continues to be topsy-turvey, which I think is entertaining.

Button will move to McClaren to race along side Lewis Hamilton (winners of the last two years on the same team - should be interesting, also both are Brits!!).

The big losers here are.. Ferrari. Because Schumacher has been their global spokesperson the last few years, is most famously associated with the Prancing Horse, and has been the lead on development of a number of Ferrari cars, especially the track focused specials. Its kind of a Green Bay/Favre moment. Thing is though, every trophy Schumi has won has been under the leadership of Ross Brawn, who just proved that he could take over a team, win both titles (constructors/drivers) and generally be a badass while having a limited budget, few sponsors, and what was meant to be a weak team with washed up drivers. Which leads to Clarkson's question: "was it all the car?"

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