Experimental Low-Calorie Diet ... (wired.com)

Experimental Low-Calorie Diet Gets Puzzling Results in Monkeys

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Murdoch's One Finger Salute

The Sun Publishes Publishes Naked Pictures of Prince Harry

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A $40 7' Android Tablet: Damn

Let me start off by saying... you probably don't want this. You probably could get more for your money by say... eating it.

But seriously! A $40 tablet from Newegg? Damn. I mean, sure, it's old and slow and has Android 2.2. And yes, it's made by a company mostly known for selling overpriced electronics to old people in the aisles of pharmacies.

But... going to say it again: $40!! That's crazy cheap. For that price build some cool wall mount and use it as an alarm clock which you can stare down your morning email with. Seriously. $40. That's cheaper than a tank of gas.

Ok - here is it. It ain't pretty. It ain't amazing. But it sure as hell is cheap.


SYLVANIA SYTAB7MX Tablet PC ARM 11 (1GHz) 7" 512MB RAM, 2GB Flash Memory

SYLVANIA SYTAB7MX Tablet PC ARM 11 (1GHz) 7" 512MB RAM, 2GB Flash Memory

In stock.

The Facebook Lesson: Finance for Dummies

Come on people.

A company with no real revenue stream and no plans to have a real revenue stream being valued at over $100 billion.

What the hell did you expect?

The only people who have any excuse are those born after 2002. I may be wrong, but I think that means most people who bought into the Facebook IPO are freaking idiots.

AOL Time Warner FTW!!!!

We already had the dot.com bubble. What did you think would happen this time? Magic rainbows of quarterly earnings? Google 2.0??? Newsflash Gordon Gekkos - Google has a fountain of money called Search. It is literally the golden goose and the ONLY (and I do mean only) profitable division of the company. Everything else Google has done has been a financial failure.

Funnily enough - investors care about financial performance (a reasonable rate of return on their investment?!?!?!?!? WHAT ASSHOLES. Oh wait. If you didn't get a return, why would you invest? It's all making sense now! Obama is an idiot, Fannie/Freddie = Fail and companies do not exist for the good of the people. I have been so stupid.)

What's next for Facebook? It's simple: the emperor in chief has a long term view and does not care about performance so he will do what he always has done: limit advertising and try and grow the user base further. This may or may not work (depending on other technology platforms and how quickly they outpace the need for Facebook or are integrated into it). But one thing is certain: the stock is stinkier than Vince Wilfork's jock strap and should be treated with the same precautions. An incinerator might come in handy.

Coincidentally - Wilfork is the BFG
 The Facebook IPO was going to re-write Wall St. Looks more like Wall St. is re-writing Facebook to me.

Aphids may be the only animals which can Photosynthesize

This is pretty amazing.

Animals are not solar powered. Not directly anyway. When you need more energy (animals do all this moving around) you need to find a faster way of getting power. That typically means eating the things which get energy from the sun (plants). When you need even more energy you need to eat the things which eat the things which use the sun: i.e. what humans do (grass uses sun, sheep eat grass, we eat sheep.)

Actually, the sheep are an interesting example. Sheep brains are far smaller than human brains--this should be readily apparent if you have had to deal with them before, they rank somewhere above rocks and somewhere below Jersey Shore cast members in terms of intelligence (a pretty small range mind you). To supply the energy they need for their brain on a daily basis - they need to eat a large plateful of grass, roughly the size of a dinner portion of salad (not too bad in other words). For a human to power his brain on grass you would need to eat about 40lbs of grass per day. In other words - you better have the mouth of a combine harvester and the digestive system of a mulcher.

But now something really cool has come along. There have long been animals (mainly little ones) which eat bacteria etc and then use them/steal their genes so  they can get the benefit of being solar powered. But now we have evidence of the first solar-powered (partly) animal. Call it the Chevy Volt of bugs and you'd be just about right.

Aphids may be the only insects that can photosynthesize
Mmmmm sunlight... OM NOM NOM NOM
Turns out that some tiny little Aphids love sunlight like Tom Hanks loves volleyballs (WILSON!!!). While they do generally make most of their ATP from eating plants, certain aphids actually have the genes to photosynthesize. Which is pretty amazing. 

Here is the nerdy (and really cool) stuff from Nature:

The pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum) is already a strange creature. Aphids reproduce by parthenogenesis and can be born pregnant, though males (who sometimes lack mouths) are born in colder weather. They're also the only animal that has been identified that can synthesize carotenoids, the pigments that appear in chloroplasts and chromoplasts that harness solar energy for use by the cells. Does that mean that pea aphids photosynthesize?

That's the question explored in a recent study, "Light-induced electron transfer and ATP synthesis in a carotene synthesizing insect," published this week in Nature. In 2010, Yale entomologist Nancy Moran discovered that aphids possess the gene for synthesizing carotenoids, meaning that the pigment is "home grown" rather than lifted from another photosynthetic species. Carotenoids are metabolically expensive chemicals to synthesize, prompting Alain Robichon, an entomologist at the Sophia Agrobiotech Institute, to wonder what purpose the carotenoids serve.

Robichon studied different colored aphids of the species: green aphids, which contain high levels of carotenoids and are born in colder lab conditions; orange aphids, which are born in optimal lab conditions; and white aphids, which contain little to no carotenoid pigment and are born when resources are limited. Robichon's team found that the green aphids make significantly higher levels of ATP than white aphids do, and that orange aphids make more ATP when placed in sunlight than when placed in darkness. This suggests that the pigments may be part of a system of photo-induced electron transfer that enables aphids to synthesize energy from sunlight.

Although study co-author Maria Capovilla cautions that further research is needed before we can determine whether aphids can photosynthesize as many non-animal species can, she notes that this ability could function as an emergency backup that helps aphids survive their treks from plant to plant. While feeding aphids already consume more sugar than they need to survive, perhaps a photosynthetic ability enables them to travel to a new host plant. And perhaps aphids are particularly well suited to survive periods of environmental stress, at least if they only last a single generation.

The Emerging Revolution in Game Theory

The Emerging Revolution in Game Theory - Technology Review

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Badass(es) of the Week: The Haldanes

J. S. Haldane who invented the gas mask World War I, spent time on the front lines analysing poison gases, he would rush to the scene whenever an attack was reported. Much knowledge of the effects of various gases came from Haldane shutting himself inside a chamber and breathing them, noting any physiological and psychological effects.

J. B. S. Haldane

J. B. S. Haldane
BornNovember 5, 1892
DiedDecember 1, 1964 (aged 72)
OccupationBadass, Mustache Champion, Male Model

He once taught his son (J B S Haldane)about the effects of gas by taking him down a mine filled with firedamp gas and had him recite Shakespeare until he passed out. That's some good parenting right there.

The younger Haldane became an expert on the effects of deep diving and the problems faced when rescuing submariners. He used a Royal Navy-funded compression chamber to subject himself and numerous volunteers to near-lethal diving conditions. He once went into a seizure during which he crushed a vertebrae. On other occasions, he suffered a collapsed lung, nerve damage to his spine resulting in several years of partial paralysis, countless nosebleeds, and frequently blew out his eardrums.

His famous quote is "The drum generally heals up; and if a hole remains in it, although one is somewhat deaf, one can blow tobacco smoke out of the ear in question, which is a social accomplishment."

I may be biased here, but I think the British have more badasses per capita (historically) than any other nation.

Cheap USB Backup Power

The cool thing about standardizing on USB for power on the go is that it is the standard the world over.

Today, a one-sale-a-day site has a cool deal up on eBay on Vivitar (a respected camera company) 1100mAh USB battery packs. For reference these are about 75% cheaper than you would find in a store.



Vivitar Instant USB Power Charger w/ 3 Power Tips!


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Why the Iranians Rule The Weight Room

Iran dominated Olympic wrestling and weightlifting, but hardly compete in anything else. Herr is an interesting historical story as to why.

 The Ancient Roots of Iran's Wrestling and Weightlifting Olympic Dominance - Max Fisher - The Atlantic

Google Earth: Good for finding lost pyramids too

Pretty cool story...

Amateur archaeologist finds possible pyramids using Google Earth

Amateur archaeologist finds possible pyramids using Google Earth
While most Google Earth hobbyists are satisfied with a bit of snapping and geotagging, some have farloftier ambitions. Satellite archaeologist Angela Micol thinks she's discovered the locations of some of Egypt's lost pyramids, buried for centuries under the earth, including a three-in-a-line arrangement similar to those on the Giza Plateau. Egyptologists have already confirmed that the secret locations are undiscovered, so now it's down to scientists in the field to determine if it's worth calling the diggers in.

US Fail

What I find hilarious here is that the UK has no separation of church and state, and they have obviously used that power to brainwash their citizens into believing that... oh... wait... it's the US where everyone thinks a tall skinny Scandinavian white guy with long hair got real busy only a few thousand years ago.

The Sheepdogs
The third guy? Definitely God.

A Puppy, A Bulldozer, and a guy off his meds... ahh Germany

This is hilarious...

Puppy thrown at German biker gang

A German student "mooned" a group of Hell's Angels and hurled a puppy at them before escaping on a stolen bulldozer, police have said.
The man drove up to a Hell's Angels clubhouse near Munich, wearing only a pair of shorts and carrying a puppy.
He dropped his shorts and threw the dog, escaping on a bulldozer from a nearby building site.
He was arrested later at home by police. The 26-year-old is said to have stopped taking depression medication.
After making his getaway on the bulldozer, he had driven so slowly that a 5km tailback built up behind him on the motorway.
After driving about 1km, he had abandoned the bulldozer in the middle of the motorway, near Allershausen. He continued his journey by hitchhiking.
"What motivated him to throw a puppy at the Hell's Angels is currently unclear," a police spokesman said.
The puppy is now being cared for in an animal shelter.

LegalZoom Review: It's Like Watching Children Play at Being Lawyers

Want to set up a LLC?

Want to wait for a month or two with endless delays, paperwork errors, pathetic excuses and widespread incompetence?

I have a website for you!

So - I recently went through starting a LLC using LegalZoom. While the registration of the LLC itself was none too difficult, achieving basic tasks like foreign qualification (to operate in states other than DE or wherever you set up the LLC) or registered agent services seem to be completely beyond the capability of LegalZoom to do efficiently.

For example - I ordered a expedited foreign qualification order on July 2nd. It is now August 8th. After assuring me that it would be done in 10-15 days, LegalZoom sent in the first required document yesterday morning - to Delaware. We are talking about the first step - I am still two weeks away from getting my foreign qualification.

So yes - LegalZoom will "save you money" upfront: they are cheap. But if you are say... trying to run or set up a business and have things like overhead, payroll, opportunity costs, then LegalZoom is one huge waste of money, time and effort.

Unless you like watching untrained incompetent law-school dropouts (actually - dropout is probably too qualified... more like 5th graders) pretend to be lawyers and systematically fuck up everything they touch, I would recommend getting a real lawyer.

2013 Honda Accord: The New Vanilla

What I have generally liked about the Honda Accord is that it was always a little sportier looking, a little more angular than the Camry. It gave the impression (generally backed up by the hardware) that this family sedan could also have some fun in the corners.

No longer.

Wow. Bland has a new webster entry: Accord.

To me, the car looks like nothing so much as the old Kia Optima

And the hilarious part to me is that Kia, tired of being known for bland cars, came out with this instead:

Best Google Doodle Ever

Google doodles are now coming in game version. And I love it.


This little game is fun and a great 30 second break from work... here's to more mini games coming from Google =)