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Originally Posted: 2015-02-10 8:44pm

Free goat

Hey, I got a goat a while back, I was trying to have more of an erotic pet but its not going so well, and I need to give it away to a good home as soon as possible. Message if you have any interest at all. Thank you.

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My Review of Signpost Small Business Marketing

Avoid. At all costs.

This service is compete crap. First they call saying they are a "Google Company" - bullshit. They got a small amount of funding from Google Ventures, which means they have more or less nothing to do with Google.

Then, they tell you they'll get you listed online. Sure. The two or three listings that matter (Google, Yelp, YP, Angies List depending on your company) you should have already done, and it's easy to do.

What does signpost get you? Listings on another 50 spam sites with no SEO and no real users. Great, that's worth... $1? Maybe less.

In six months signpost brought in 0 customers for my business, which was a growing startup service business. At the same time my customer acquisition costs were about $35 through AdWords or other advertising. I can't even calculate a customer acquisition cost for this pile of shit Signpost because they bring in no customers.

Luckily I used AMEX for the transaction and got my money back (love AMEX - that's actually a great tool for small business).

If you like wasting money, speaking with dishonest sales reps and looking at a fancy but completely useless dashboard, Signpost is a great service.

If you actually, you know, want to grow your business, go elsewhere. Anywhere else actually. It doesn't get worse than this.