GM's Dilemma

One of the overriding themes of the Obama Administration has been abject hatred towards executive pay. Celebrities and athletes should continue to be paid $5-$50 million a year through a recession, but for a CEO who creates jobs, drives the economic recovery and achieves real gains to do so is criminal.

The anti-competitive Ayn Randian hatred of those better than you is right at the surface these days.

Now, Government Motors has to hire a new CEO. They want someone from outside GM. I want to watch this one. Who is willing to work for 500 different bosses (the US Senate., the UAW, Obama and Obama's team of political thugs) with no clear objective: are you meant to be building better cars? Saving American jobs? Is the company a company or a welfare program like Amtrak, the Long Island Railroad, Fannie and Freddie, and the Post Office? But really, what I want to see is what they are willing to pay. Ford hired Allan Mullaly from Boeing with a huge salary. Was he worth it? Initially it seem, hell yeah. Ford has been pulling ahead even as times are shitty, grabbing market share and shedding debt. At the same time GM has been grabbing debt and shedding market share.

And what will taxpayers support? Would they get all up in arms over a $20 million salary? I think they would.

Of course, the socialist solution is to find the man who is willing to work for less than he deserves because of the guilt he feels towards society. In the words of Ayn Rand, I hope each and every one of those people decides, simply, to shrug.

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