Logic Fail

I like autoblog.com a lot. I read it all the time. Its probably the one thing I read the most on the internet, followed by engadget and the WSJ.

But I call fail on this:

"Fuel efficient cars are slow, right? Just ask Jeremy Clarkson, who famously pitted a Toyota Prius against a BMW M3 around a test track to prove that the hybrid isn't very efficient when pushed to its limit. While it's true that hybrids and diesels have a reputation for being more than a bit poky in the name of saving a few gallons of gas, each generation seems to improve in that regard, and GM is hoping that the upcoming Chevy Volt will abolish that preconceived notion altogether."

What Jeremy Clarkson proved was not that a Prius was slow, everyone already knows that. He proved that at highway speeds, and in spirited driving, a Prius is LESS EFFICIENT than a M3. Not that it is a crappy car to drive. That's a given. I appreciate the JC reference autoblog, but ouch on the logic.

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