Tiger's Bad Taste

I speak of course of Tigers love of big fake gaudy round ornamentation totally out of proportion to the body. In other words: the rims on his car.

Yeah. Forget the 294,590 women who have had an affair with Tiger. Take a look at this thing:

Notice anything stupendously wrong about it? Look at those rims... not only are they huge and gaudy... they are well, just ugly. First, ultralight rims with low-profile tires on a SUV just look dumb. It means you bought a huge truck that you can no longer use as a truck. Stupid. Its the same as putting offroad gear on a sports car... like this:

(full disclosure - I think if I owned a shitmaro like the one above, I might just have to do this to it, because it would be hilarious)

Back to the original thread - the 'Sclade with dubs is just not a good look. It had its time. 10 years ago. Maybe 5 years ago. Today, if you want a truck, buy a truck, keep it as a truck. The big wheels are just tacky.

Bad form Tiger, very bad form.

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