Pelosi = POS

Anyone not following the truly underhanded tactics used by Democrats recently (actually, the Dems have generally been bigger proponents of sleaze, though both parties are guilty) take a look at how Pelosi is planning to increase the cap on US debt.

Instead of having any real debate about it, she announced they are going to tack the provision to allow about $1.5 trillion more in debt onto a must-pass military spending bill to pay for the ongoing wars.

This comes after things like splitting the health care bill to hide costs, using underhanded committee tactics and cackling with evil laughter when she demands a G5 private jet for her personal use EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, probably to promote a carbon-neutral lifestyle... she even made the Air Force buy 2 more G5's than they wanted and cut stuff they did want, just to make sure one would be available for her. Ok, that last one was not legistlative at all, but I really cant stand Pelosi.

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