BA Cabin Crew

The cabin crew union of British Airways has voted to strike over Christmas. Their union has told them they will get their pay, plus an extra 30 GBP per day. And they dont see negative consequences.

This is why I hate unions in the modern day. They dont lead to rational action in the best interests of their members. They lead to short-sighted irrational action which will eventually destroy their livelihood, or at least curtail it greatly.

The automotive industry in the UK? There is now Lotus, Rolls, Aston, and TVR. How many are owned by Brits? None. And they are all tiny.

The railroads in the US? Killed by featherbedding and union rules. Instead I have to be almost killed by a 18 wheeler every time I am on long drive.

The US auto industry? Peaked in 1972 (not joking - that's the year they made the most cars) and has been on the decline since.

Whats good for consumers is that someone else always steps in and picks up the slack. What is sad to see is when unions kill off otherwise good companies.

So I hope you make it BA, though you can be a pain sometimes.

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