The Surgedrawl

"If we have clear command from the President, the nation will follow"
-Sec Def. Gates

The comment was made to back up Obama's recently announced surgedrawl. Which I find hilarious, because the command is anything but clear.

We are sending more troops, but have set a definite date for the Tailban to break out the champagne

We are meant to send troops as soon as possible and on a rush schedule, but Obama took 3-4months to make this decision

We are fully committed to winning the war, fully committed to bringing our troops home, and fully committed to handing the war over to the Afghan "army"

The plan is meant to cost $30 billion, estimated by congress to cost $40 billion, and Obama forgot to ask Congress for any funding before announcing the plan. Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

We will start withdrawals in July 2011, but will review the situation in December 2010, and will not withdraw if we have not me our targets and Afghanistan has not met theirs. So we have a definitive date for the start of the end, unless things are going to hell in a handbasket, and then we are stuck there.

According to Clinton "I do not believe we have locked ourselves into leaving" but "what we have done . . . is to signal very clearly to all audiences that the United States is not interested in occupying Afghanistan." Regardless of the English language shenanigans going on there (occupiers get kicked out, "not locked into leaving" implies they want us there) these two statements dont make sense together.

So there you have it, another unclear, undefined FP F-up from the Professor in Chief.


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