Fanboys for Climate Change: WTF BBC?

I normally like the BBC. I read them regularly, and for a government agency, I generally respect their independent viewpoint and editorial integrity.

Except on climate change. I have almost never seen such biased and slanted coverage of the issue. The BBC is the ultimate fanboy for human caused climate change with constant articles about how the world is about to end and huge amounts of spin on anything such as the CRU email debacle.

From their idiotic calculator I played with not long ago which gave alternative energy as the cheapest energy source for all of the UK's energy needs in 2020 to their unending stream of articles on trying to cover up the huge failure the CRU, they seem to be a organ of the UN and IPCC rather than independent news.

Their coverage of the CRU emails is pretty funny. They are trying to cover their bases by saying that the emails dont really mean anything, giving the following quote:
'"Opposition groups are taking passages out of context to try to undermine public confidence in climate science,"'

And then giving another quote basically trying to say that even if the CRU was completely full of shit (which it was, and is) the findings of the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate (IPCC) are still valid:
'"Even without data from CRU, there is still an overwhelming body of evidence that human activity (is) triggering dangerous levels of global warming,"'

Yeah... an "overwhelming body of evidence" from a fraudulent, un-scientific, un-academic intellectually corrupt cabal of scientists.

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