RIP Saab, a sad day

This one really makes me sad. I have a soft-spot for SAABs, as both of my parents had 9000's growing up, and they were great cars. I almost bought a 9000 when the Expedition broke down, but the Tahoe just made more sense.

GM announced today that after 20 years of mismanagement and unable to complete a sale within the window they set, Saab will be shut down.

Anyway, as a small tribute, here are my all time favorite Saab models:

Saab 900 SPG

The 80's Saab 900 Convertible, supremely classy and as a friend of mine once put it: "the only car with a collar"

The Saab 9000 Turbo

The never to see the light of day 2010 Saab 9-5

And this gratuitously awesome Saab photo:

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