ER over EV

Extended range offers a number of benefits over pure electric vehicles.

One of the most compelling to someone like me (lives north of the 40th parallel, likes/needs to drive in winter and go skiing) is that batteries are terrible when it is cold out. On top of which, in electric vehicles, the heater is run off the battery (think a battery powered hair dryer - not exactly the best combo) whereas in a traditional engine the heat is waste/cooling heat.

Now, a er-EV does not solve all these issues, but it does give you a gas engine to make sure that you are never stuck out in the cold, and your car retains somewhat of the same range summer or winter. Get the car going, get the engine running if needed, and you can heat up the whole thing and make it to the mountain.

If only the Chevy Volt looked like the original Chevy Volt, not a Chevyfied Prius....



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