James Cameron

I cant wait so see Avatar. It has been a long time since I have said that about a movie. Being a little kid here, I am planning on seeing it at least twice, once in 3d IMAX and once on a regular screen. I think regular screen first.

All that said, here is an interesting quote from James Cameron, on Titanic:
"If I did Titanic today, I'd do it very differently. There wouldn't be a 750-foot-long set. There would be small set pieces integrated into a large CGI set. I wouldn't have to wait seven days to get the perfect sunset for the kiss scene. We'd shoot it in front of a green screen, and we'd choose our sunset."

In some ways, that is kind of sad. The reason it is kind of sad is not because of nostalgia, and it is not because films wont looks a good anymore, because they will look better. Is not even because movies wont be as "real:" it is because we wont believe they are real. To become really invested in a movie, you have to believe it is real. While we can suspend this for settings which are obviously not real (dinosaurs, aliens, space, etc etc) the same is not true of the things we expect to be real.

Or I could be making it all up. I think I might be wrong actually. I guess I just have to go see Avatar.

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