Why I will never live in Germany

I like Germany a lot. Had a fantastic time there on vacation last fall. Beautiful country, great food, nice people, Munich is now one of my favorite cities and I would love to commute on the autobahn in a s4/m3/xfr/aston martin.

But I will never live there.

They just announced that they will BUY illegally obtained information on Swiss bank accounts in order to prosecute tax evaders. They already did this 2 years ago with Luxembourg.

Seriously. The equivalent of the IRS is going to PAY HACKERS for ILLEGAL records in order to prosecute people who MAY OR MAY NOT have broken tax laws.

Yes, the IRS pisses me off - but you would be able to shoot this down in court over here using a lawyer from Sonoma County Community College who failed the bar their first 12 times.

So in addition to making me not want to live in Germany, it makes me want to hack into bank accounts in tax havens and sell the info to Germany - or at least bankroll the effort. Seriously, WTF Germany? And yes, the wtfasaur has been getting a lot of action recently, but it is freaking justified.


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