Obama... says the right thing?

Obama has been saying a lot of the right things recently, in an effort to move towards the middle (and I am not sure that Republicans are responding correctly: refusing to meet in the middle is a risky strategy).

He has been pushing repealing the cap gains tax in a limited way (for small businesses - so really limited), he has been talking about freezing the budget, or parts of it, and trying to get spending under control, he has been discussing broader tax cuts.

And then we get this on energy: "Don't give up on that," Obama said. "I don't want us to just say the easy way out is to just give a bunch of tax credits to clean energy companies. The market works best when it responds to price. And if they start seeing, you know what, that dirty energy is a little pricier, clean energy is a little cheaper, they'll innovate and they'll think things through in all kinds of ways."

And the thing is... I completely agree with him. The issue seems to be translating from this thought process--which I agree with--through the Democratic party, and down to the ideologically driven and industry hating staffers (I have personally dealt with them) who actually write a lot of the legislation, and create true abominations of bills (like... Waxman-Markey, ObamaCare, the stimulus package...).

So, yes, this is the BoN fully agreeing with a statement from Obama.

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