Obama Gets it Done, in Space

No, its not a line from a Mel Brooks movie. I am talking about the fact that under the latest budget the Apollo Constellation program is dead, as it should be, and NASA will focus on science and Mars, as it should. It increases the budget, extends the life of the ISS (and even talks about inflatable habitats!!), tells NASA to let private companies take over low-earth and ISS "taxi" missions, and thus helps NewSpace companies such as SpaceX and Orbital Sciences so that we are a big big step closer to cheap reliable use of space.

NASA had gotten lost. Its mission should be science and pushing the frontier of what is possible, not ferrying tourists and boring/useless science missions to LEO.

This is truly a grand-slam for the administration, and pretty much exactly what I would do in the same position (ok, I would emphasize private access to space even more, but still, pretty damn good). Too bad for Obama that the thing he has done the best on in the last year and a week is something that few people will really pay any attention to.

The hilarious part of all this? Its the Obama administration killing off a public works project (Constellation) in order to cut spending and allow free enterprise and capitalism to do its work. Funny... might work in other areas also....

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