Bush Obama recently announced diplomatic discussions with Iran a giant missile shield to protect US interests from Iranian missiles. The President, long a war hawk elected as an anti-war socialist, believes that Iran will not play nice with diplomacy and so is using hard assets to counter Iranian aggression. Known for his swagger and go it alone communist policies, the President sent the CIA director to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister to discuss the Iranian threat. The President believes in containing an Iranian nuclear threat, and will seek diplomatic means of doing so will do so through hard-nosed aggressive realpolitik.

In the wake of the surge in Iraq Afghanistan it seems the President has consistently hardened his military stance, refusing to put a definitive timetable for withdrawal and recommending certain detainees at Guantanamo be held indefinitely along with pushing through a major new arms sale to Taiwan in spite of Chinese protests. In addition, the new budget calls for increased shipments of arms to US allies in the Gulf, as well as record defense spending sold to Congress by General Petraeus and Sec Def Robert Gates.

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