Solar Powered Boat: kind of stupid really

Solar powered cars are cool. They show that someday, somehow, we will be able to go around slowly in overgrown peapods with bicycle tires. But really, I do actually think they are really cool, and in general I love the idea of solar power.

But this? This is just dumb.

Its the world's largest solar powered boat, with 5,382sqft of solar panels. It is all set for its maiden voyage of circumnavigating the globe.

You know whats really cool about that? It will be the first ship to circumnavigate the globe without burning fossil fuels...


I mean it will be the most eco-friendly way to get around on the open ocean, showing just what hundreds of thousands of dollars in exotic materials and rare earth metals mined and manufactured in China with no environmental controls will get you... whooops...


It will look cool, and show off what you can do if you are a big floating doofus. Because really, there is this little invention called SAILING which might have something to say about just how idiotic a solar powered boat with millions of dollars in batteries is.

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