List of SUVs available with a manual transmission...

I put this up here because it is the second time in a couple months that I have been asked to put this list together for someone shopping for a car. To some - it is an odd idea. To others, it gives full control of the vehicle, better mpg, and more "fun to drive" quotient to cars that can otherwise be a little dull. I would love to have a manual for my Tahoe. Instead I bought a sports car.. but thats another matter.

-PT Cruiser - junk
-Jeep Patriot - mostly junk
-Kia Sportage - the new one is pretty good actually
-Chevrolet HHR - on norm's 10 worst cars of all time
-Jeep Compass - same as patriot, just looks dumber
-Hyundai Tucson - same as kia, looks pretty good
-Honda Element - do you surf? Skate? Snowboard? Smoke? If not, this is not for you.
-Mazda Tribute - see ford escape
-Ford Escape - great little SUV
-Suzuki Grand Vitara - they still make these????
-Didge Nitro - same as liberty but with macho Dodge looks
-Subaru Forester - great little SUV
-Volkswagon Tiguan - great little SUV, but damn expensive, and emphasis on "little"
-Jeep Liberty - very solid, and the new generation looks pretty good
-Hyundai Sante Fe - swoopy and feminine, but a nice SUV
-Nissan Xterra - the new generation is good, old generation is junk
-Toyota FJ Cruiser - macho, fun, kind of pointless but the 2nd coming of the old Bronco, I like
-Hummer H3 - not a bad little SUV. Need the manual because they are underpowered with the i5
-BMW X3 - overpriced and undersized
-Porsche Cayenne - base model is a VW Tuareg. GTS is first "real" Porsche. Ugly and pretentious

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