Saddest Thing Ever

Want to know what is wrong with this country? What caused the credit crises? Why we accept a $1.5 trillion deficit in the budget?

MONOPOLY Brand Electronic Banking Edition
Approx. Retail: $34.99

Item: 00114
Ages: 8 & Up

Wheel and deal your way to a fortune even faster using debit cards instead of cash! All it takes is a card swipe for money to change hands. Now you can collect rent, buy properties and pay fines - with the touch of a button! It's a new way to play the family classic that's been brought up-to-date with modernized tokens (including a Segway personal transporter, space shuttle, flat-screen TV, baseball cap and a dog in handbag!), higher property values and locations based on your favorite landmarks Gameboard comes with title deed cards, chance and community chest cards, 6 debit cards, 2 dice, 6 tokens, 32 houses, 12 hotels and instructions. 2-6 Players. 2 "AAA" Batteries Required (not included).

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