Harry Reid - WTF

Harry Reid just slashed the "jobs" bill that was making its way though congress, and seemingly had bi-partisan support. Instead of a bi-partisan $85billion package it is now a very limited $15billion package.

They say the reason this is the case is he wanted to focus directly on "jobs"... well... a) $15 billion ain't buying a lot of jobs these days, and b) there was actually bi-partisan legislation on the table, why not go with it....?

(Jekyll snickers)

...ahh option b. I'll tell you why. Its because if we passed the bi-partisan jobs bill right now it would totally take the wind out of the only tiny gust filling the dreams of Democrat's reelection campaigns right now: that they will be able to portray the Republicans as the party of "no" who have blocked beneficial legislation. Now they say "We have four provisions that should under any circumstance enjoy broad bipartisan support" - trying to work the Republicans into a corner.

So far, the American public (hell, even the people of Massachusetts) have proven smarter than the Democrats and the current regime. Lets hope that trend continues, and we see true gridlock in the near future.

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