Tesla IPO - Time to Cash in

by going short...

I really dont believe in Tesla. Their IPO numbers are highly dubious, they have built less than 500 cars, and they are living on investors money. Lets be real here folks, this company is a joke that is supported by the fact that Obama likes shiny green things (the DOE $465 million loan is what is keeping the company alive).

So they filed for an IPO, to scam investors out of millions raise money for the model S

They had a gross profit of $7.7 million... but total operating loss of $31.5 million through 3Q 2009 for the year. In other words, in the first 9months of 2009 they lost a shit ton of money, and still think that they can go public. On top of this is the fact that the only reason they did not lose a hell of a lot more is because they cut way back on R&D spending, which is not a good thing when you are meant to be making the mainstream model S, and have recently announced the roadster will be dead by 2013...

I have one word for you (options traders):

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