Roxxxy the $7,000 Sex Bot

This is hilarious. And creepy. And sad. And a vision of things to come. And very very odd. And I thought this is why we put up with Las Vegas. And I just am not sure what to say about it.

Roxxxy is a $7,000 sex doll robot. It (I refuse to call it a "she") has warm air circulating under its skin so it is warm and lifelike to the touch. It can talk. Kinda. It uses a preset list of words in order to respond to conversation - in other words, its ability to speak is somewhat, limited. One can only imagine what it is programmed to say. I dont really want to put up an image.. they are all creepy. Googly Roxxxy if you must, its... an experience (all pg-13 rated from what I saw thankfully so far, it just came out after all). But, here it is:

The more interesting part to me is where we are at in terms of possible changes to the social structure, acceptance of some rudimentary form of robot into society etc. Granted, Roxxxy is really for the early-adopter do-it-yourself technically inclined crowd.... yeah... think about that for a sec... ok moving on, but there will be future versions etc etc. Its not about a sex robot (or it is, your pick) its about the integration of robotics and artificially intelligence into society. This is the... erm... first wave? progenitor? inception? spring? launch? blastoff? rise? of a new product category and a new... feature... in society.

Sort of blend together blade runner, iRobot, GATTAGA, and a Roomba and that is what the future of robotics looks like. I hope Roxxxy does not figure in too prominently, but given the vast and largely unseen porn industry, it just might.

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