I cant stand Apple, or Steve Jobs. Also, iPhone 4

This video is a bunch of apple-loving tech blogger idiots all laughing as Steve Jobs blames them for his new phone failing to work properly. Classic. Apple normally takes the opinion that if something does not work, it cant be their fault, but I find this one especially funny.

But really, the other big news is that the iPhone 4 is really a minimally changed iphone 3GS, except for a much clearer (not bigger - more pixels) screen, a front facing camera, and an antenna integrated into the shell of the phone (I do actually like that idea - for years I have wondered why cellphone reception and broadcast strength were not measured and used as selling/comparison points to consumers, seems to me they are two critical traits of a phone. Hell - I would not even care about having an antenna if it meant better coverage).

Anyway, here it is - pretty funny, and a lot of fail:

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