Emergency Spending

Congress has again paid for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars through "emergency spending" bills in order to avoid having to pay for them. This is despite the Obama pledge that this was never going to happen under his watch.

We all know now what happens to Obama's promises. (On a side note - look at the archives of the BoN - the general opinion was that he could not be that bad, and would at least be a breath of fresh air. I knew he would be this bad - how the hell did we elect him? The only thing he likes more than a teleprompter is a mirror).

But the big issue here is that America is broke. Actually, we are well beyond broke. We are at the stage when creditors (China) start to call (ask us diplomatically not to have wild inflation).

Other countries (Germany, the UK, Greece, basically all of Europe actually) are facing the music and discussing or implementing deep budget cuts. Whereas in the US... they have never even been mentioned.

Budget deficit? What budget deficit?

You see - Obama likes to blame the deficit on Bush, which is neither factual or all that helpful. Bush ran up the deficit more than all previous (including Reagan) presidents combined. Obama will blow that total out of the water, running it up more than all combined, including Bush. At least Bush took 8 years to do it (though I am completely against running budget deficits).

So here we are, pretending that we are going to do something about it, watching MSNBC call the Tea Party Movement a bunch of crazy people where the real idiots are the ones who don't recognize what is going on.

Cribbing from one of my favorite books, its like strapping on a pair of wings and riding off a cliff on a bicycle. Right now, we are peddling like mad, and it feels like that is keeping us flying. The reality, unfortunately, will be hard.

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