The beauty of a nice smartphone

Norm is returning to the motherland (England) for the next week. Through the magic of science - there will still be some new posts. But this trip also made me realize something - of all the electronics I have (and I have a lot - I love gadgets), my phone is pretty much the most important gadget to me (my dSLR does not count as a gadget).

I realized that even though I would not be able to use my phone as well, a phone, it was still the most important thing to bring. It has 4gb of music on it - and while I could bring my 30gb iPod - there seems no need. It wont have a cellphone connection - but if I find somewhere that has wifi, I can hop on, get my emails, and go online for a bit. It has a decent camera that's good enough for tourist and "remember this" shots. It is stocked with games - including a word scramble game that I currently love, but with a lot of others I like (and past loves). It has screenshots saved of my ticket and itinerary. For in-flight entertainment I dropped on a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother (from the second season - the show has gone way downhill). And the thing is - it does all of these things well. My older Nokia n770 internet tablet could "do" all of these things - but it did not do a lot of them that well.

None of this is really that shocking - but it was just a bit of a revelation this single device is so powerful that it does everything that you need on a quick trip, even without it being a phone. Pretty impressive that. And in airplane mode - it will even last a long time also (unless I want to re-watch those HIMYM episodes).

Anyway - my advice is if you have not bought a media-and-internet centric smartphone yet - do so. Personally - I really like the look of Android 2.2 and the new HTC devices (the EVO 4G being the first phone I would willingly concede is better than the Pre - though I still love the Pre dearly).

Yet again I should point out that an all-you-can-eat buffet plan on Sprint is $63/mo - and that's unlimited everything, even the king crab legs.

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