Catholic Crap

A Catholic woman, Sister Margaret McBride, serving on the board of a Catholic hospital, has just been excommunicated and fired for saving a woman's life.

The woman in question was 11 weeks into a pregnancy, and was suffering from pulmonary hypertension. The only way to save the woman was an emergency abortion. The other option was to let her and the fetus both die.

Sister Margaret chose to save the mother of four, born and healthy, children.

For that act, she has been excommunicated and fired. An act the Catholic church hierarchy stands by.

What this of course means is that to be a good Catholic you just have to molest small children - ever see one of those priests get excommunicated? Even better is covering up the molestation of children - that gets you the Papacy. However, saving a life gets you kicked out and fired.

How are people actually part of this church? I know there are intelligent Catholics out there, but to me it seems an oxymoron.

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