Why Google should not be selling hardware

Google, the #1 global advertising company, should not be selling products. Nexus One is now everywhere, and that is not a good thing. That is an annoying thing. Watching Google advertise Google everywhere is actually rather offputting. It somehow irks me and instills a feeling of ill will towards Google to see it tooting its own horn everywhere. Plus, its not even a damn Google phone, its an HTC on T-Mobile. Google did the software.

When I log into Windows, I dont see a big pop up add for the XBOX 360 or Zune HD. And if Microsoft did that, used its Windows operating system as a platform for direct advertising for its own products, there would be an uproar.

And then, today there is this:
You tell me the difference between Microsoft using Windows and Google using every advertising spot it controls across the web to advertise its own product.

Fail Google, Fail. I used to to love you, now I think I should be taking out puts on your stock.

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