Norm's Morning Rant

Fuck you Lady Pelosi Macbeth:

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the message from Massachusetts voters isn't to drop health care, but to move forward with their considerations in mind."

Luckily, even her own party is realizing she is a twisted manipulating lying out-of-touch liberal elitist scheming crown-desiring flesh-eating staff infection.

Well perhaps they dont see the full picture, but they are getting there.

Even His Lord Highness Obama figured out that they might be on the wrong tack, and started to talk about a second option and a massively scaled back bill "focused on cost containment." Now, there is no such thing as a layer of regulation which reduces costs, but perhaps by "containment" he means it will all be billed to the government, which can then use Enron accounting to hide it? Not sure.

Regardless, it is time for the Democrats, if they know what is best, to throw Pelosi and her lackey Reid to the wolves. Of course, this is would be too bad for Republicans, because Pelosi is about as in touch with the American electorate as the Olsen twins are with a double glazed chocolate doughnut.

On a final note: everyone is always making fun of Palin. As they should. She is as bright as she is blond. She is also a disaster for the Republican party just at a time when it needs to move to the middle (hence Brown getting elected in MA) and needs to move away from what got Bush into office (Rove tactics of setting up abortion referendums etc). But why is no one making fun of Howard Dean? He is on TV almost as much as Palin, and he says some really freaking stupid things:
"I'm a metrosexual."

"I think with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, you can't play, you know, hide the salami, or whatever it's called." --urging President Bush to make public Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers's White House records

"The idea that the United States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong."

"This president is not interested in being a good president. He's interested in some complicated psychological situation that he has with his father."

"Now that we're on dog pee, we can have an interesting conversation about that. I do not recommend drinking urine…but if you drink water straight from the river, you have a greater chance of getting an infection than you do if you drink urine." —teaching an eight-grade science class in La Crosse, Wisconsin

And my personal favorite:
"You think people can work all day and then pick up their kids at child care or wherever and get home and still manage to sandwich in an eight-hour vote? Well Republicans, I guess can do that. Because a lot of them have never made an honest living in their lives."

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