The most amazing, spectacular, and beautiful movie I have ever seen.

I had read complaints about the plot - the plot is good.

I had seen complaints about the message - as a hardcore capitalist and a libertarian, I can say I did not find the message annoying in the least

The movie is amazing. There are a few films that I would say were big steps for movies in my lifetime.

The first was Jurrasic Park - which brought the magic of CGI for the first time - bringing extinct creatures to life. It defined the the early technology age.

The second was the Matrix, a new vision of sci-fi reinvented for the internet age, hardcore, black, dark, a battle against he machines.

The third was the Lord of The Rings trilogy, which recreated the epic, redefined what was possible with CGI, created the first human-quality CGI character and showed a brilliant level of attention to detail.

However, in my opinion, Avatar is bigger than all of them in terms of its importance as a movie. It redefines what it is possible to create, re-imagines the limits of what is possible, and re-negotiates the contract defining what I will expect from movies in the future. It is quite simply spectacular.

I had heard complaints beforehand, but they were largely unfounded. Interestingly, the the main theme is very similar to the main theme of Lord of The Rings, cast in a new light. And while it is an action/adventure epic, there was about an hour in the middle of the movie where all I could do was laugh and smile in joy at watching what unfolded in front of me. It was, for quite a while, pure joy. Other movies give you moments of beauty and the spectacular, Avatar is filled with them while cleverly interlaced with the reality of human life.

Amazing. Beautiful. Spectacular.

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