Massachusetts Blocks Socialist Agenda

I just wanted to write that headline. I want to write it over and over again. A few key observations:

1) Mass still loves Ted Kennedy, but they feel Obama is going the wrong direction - this much is obvious

2) Mass is the only state to have universal healthcare. And it just voted against a similar national bill. It has been a disaster here, it will be a disaster nationally.

3) It looks like cooler heads might prevail with Dem moderates calling this a referendum on the administration - which it was - rather than the party line that it has nothing to do with national politics (which is plain idiotic).

4) Dems will try and get Snowe from Maine to vote for healthcare - maybe another cornhusker buyout?

5) Today is the 1st anniversary of Obama's inauguration. HHAHAHHAHAH WOOOT WOOOT HELLLLL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some well written tidbits:

"Mr. Obama won the White House in part on his personal style and cool confidence amid a recession and an unpopular war. Yet liberals in Congress interpreted their victory as a mandate to repeal more or less the entire post-1980 policy era and to fulfill, at last, their dream of turning the U.S. into a cradle-to-grave entitlement state."

"Twelve months later, Mr. Obama's approval rating has fallen further and faster than any recent President's, Congress is despised, the public mood has shifted sharply to the right on the role of government, and a Republican picked up a Senate seat in a state with no GOP Members of Congress and that Mr. Obama carried by 26 points"

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