iPad = iJunk

The iPad was just released. Its costs a ton of money ($500-$830) and is just a big iPod Touch - or put another way, a big iPhone without the phone.

It will be a complete failure, except for the apple faithful no one will bother with this.

Reasons it pisses me off:

It runs one app at a time. This is barely acceptable in the iPhone and a big reason I love my Pre so much. On a "laptop replacement" this is just idiotic. When Microsoft announced that Windows 7 Starter for Netbooks would only run three apps at a time, there was an uproar and the limit was removed. Now, Apple says one app at a time for a similar product, and everyone thinks it will be revolutionary. One analyst in the NYT article actually said: "Microsoft tried this and failed, it took Apple to get it right." Get it right? It has not even been launched to customers yet, and I see this thing as a big heap o fail.

It is 4:3, not widescreen.
It is ugly looking and awkward.
It is called the iPad. Seriously, iPad. Not iSlate, iTablet, but iPad.
It runs just iPhone OS 3.2, nothing new here, just a big phone
It runs just one app at a time
It is nowhere near as good as a Kindle for reading books (LCD vs. e-ink, there is no comparison)
It cant run flash. No flash = no real modern internet. In about a month, my phone will run full flash, and this thing never will. The real reason why? Flash would break the monopoly of the app store and iTunes - you could just play games and listen to music like you would online with your laptop (...or Pre... =P)

And finally, and this where Apple has really lost touch with reality, it costs $500-$830!!! And, along with that, you are charged $30 a month if you get a data plan.

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