The Manchurian Candidate

What if companies could influence national policy?

Wait a sec. They already do.

What if said companies were big evil corporations set on bending the political system in order to achieve their own aims: in other words, in the eyes of many Americans, they are companies.

We would have a disaster. US policy would be influenced by the largest, most effective, most efficient organizations in the world. Horror of horrors, this could lead to increased US productivity, decreased regulatory burden, and a more competitive US economy leading to much better lives for the people of the US.

And yet, on its face so many American's on both sides are against the Supreme Court ruling which allows companies to speak publicly on in defense of their first amendment rights. Companies that create jobs and drive the economy. I read an article about how some people are getting by with new innovative ideas like funky ice cream trucks or 5cent architecture, and thats all well and good, but does not account for the tens to hundreds of thousands of jobs a successful big company creates.

So fergodssake, let the companies have their say. They are at least operating with some sort of logic--capitalism--rather than the short-term narrow-minded garbage we usually see.

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