3 automakers who rose in 2009

Only three automakers actually increased sales in 2009, and they are three of my favorites:

Calling Kia and Hyundai separate companies is a bit of a stretch, as they are part of the same chaebol, but technically, in American terms, Hyundai only owns 36% of Kia.

Kia was in fact the fastest growing automaker in 2009, seeing a 44% growth over the year before. Which is, no two ways around it, damn impressive. Granted something about cheap cars with 100,000 mile warranties and recessions goes together like buffalo sauce and anything involving chicken.

Still, puts some perspective on the GM "success" of gaining 2% in its "core" brands while losing 55% in its dying ones. I suppose that is relative to Chrysler, which sold less than 1million cars in 2009, the first year it has done so since 1964...

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