Redumbdant functionality

I have never understood things that simply replicate what you can do with your computer. Standalone email systems, weather forecasting centers (unless you happen to live north of Yellowknife) and all sorts of other things that let you do exactly one task which you can do on a computer. A nice handheld calculator I will allow, and thats it.

Now we are starting to see the same thing with smartphones. Popsci just gave this POS a Best of Show award:

Every morning now the first thing I do is check my Pre. It tells me the weather, lets me check my email, calls, texts, smoke signals and Morse code transcripts. It has thousands of apps, and has a little feature called the internet. And when I am done checking it while still wrapped up in my blanket, I get dressed and put it in my pocket, because wonder of wonders, it is also a cell phone. Whereas the Sony Dash? It would be pretty awkward in your pocket.

Devices that replicate the functions of ubiquitous tools of the modern age are destined for the scrapheap, not glory.

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