You Protest too Much?

Egypt has seen continuing protests. This is not a good thing. The military has taken control of the country, and it seems that the nation would be on track for democratic elections in September.

But, as the pendulum swings, it often swings too far.

Now, protests have moved on to wages. And while yes, wages are terrible right now, the one thing that the military cannot do (or one of the things really) is immediately start raising wages. First, they need to figure out how to get the economy going again, and people should really go back to work and get things going: big, positive, economic change does not come overnight.

In a move of some hilarity, the Cairo police are also now protesting. These police officers, agents of the deposed regime, are protesting over pay and the fact that they were "forced" to fire tear gas etc at protesters before the military stepped in and stabilized the situation. They are generally hated by the Egyptian people, and I think now recognizing that they are screwed by backing the wrong side, they are trying to pull an Italy and change to the side of the victor.


Anyway, I hope that the country can get back to work and the military can start to improve the economic if not the political situation.

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