Boeing Wins Air-tanker Contract Again, Bribes, Again

Boeing again won the $35 billion competition for the Air Force's new tanker.

However, everyone knows that the EADS bid (basically Airbus), was better. It was a better airframe, better engines, better operational capability, and lower costs.

What did Boeing have that EADS did not? Two things: a "Made in the USA" sticker, and lots of bribery.

Boeing has been bribing people for years. The contract was first awarded 7 years ago, and was pulled because of a corruption scandal. While nothing illegal has been found, yet, on this latest round, Boeing outspent EADS $18MM to $3MM on lobbying efforts.

What is just idiotic about this is that the US is happy to export its arms around the world and pushes our allies to buy them, but then refuses to accept a far superior European product at a lower price, with lower operating costs. Cost the taxpayers billions because of corruption and isolationism. Brilliant.


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