webOS and the Xoom

No, the Xoom (Motorola's new tablet) does not run webOS. However, Android 3.0, the tablet version of the OS, has been largely designed by Matias Duarte, the man who designed webOS. Why is this? Google realized as soon as webOS came out that they were way way behind in building an intuitive interface. First, they copied webOS. Then, when Palm crashed and burned in one of the great marketing failures of our times, El Goog started to poach devs and execs jumping off the sinking ship. The result? Android 3.0 and to some extent 2.2 as well.

Read the review over at engadget, but basically, like a lot of 1st gen Google services - this is more of a Beta. However, down the road, it seems that the new user interface and software package will be enough to challenge and then take down the iPad.

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