Safety at what cost?

The NHTSA is thinking about regulating backup cameras for all cars by 2014
backup camera body

They say that the new cameras could save 100 or more off the 300 people killed a year in "back-over" accidents.

The cost? $1.9 to $2.7 billion dollars a year. Billion. That means saving each life costs between $17 million and $27 million dollars. The very best case scenario, by the government's own estimates, is that 300 people are saved for $1.9 billion. Which means each life saved would cost $6.3 million. Does that make any sense? I'm sorry, but no. Realistically spending $20 million per person saved just does not make any sense. Maybe in 100 years, when all other threats are dealt with, this legislation would make sense. Right now, this is completely ridiculous. There are so many better things that the world should be spending its money on, that would actually contribute in a meaningful way.

In case you have not noticed, this is just one in a string of new 'safety' regulations which will push the cost of new cars in the US up by $1,000's per car, with little real benefit. These include the new "black box" which is really just being put in for the benefit of lawyers, as it does not actually increase safety at all, in any way.

This is the kind of shit which slowly cripples an economy, the kind of shit which wastes time and money, the kind of shit that the current administration wallows in and calls gold.

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