Nokia Fail: R&D with no D

Quick question: which company spends more on R&D:
1) Apple
2) Nokia

How about I told you that Nokia spends not just more than Apple, but more than twice what Apple spends? Nokia throws down $4 billion a year into its R&D rat-hole. Apple, $1.8 billion.

That makes no damn sense.

What the hell has Nokia been doing with that money? Symbian is a disaster, and is about 3-5 years out of date at this point. Their dark-horse operating system, MeeGo/Maemo, never really reached maturity, much as my Nokia N770 tablet was badass back in 2006.

And yeah, their hardware is nice, always has been, but is not nearly as nice as all of the touchscreens that the relatively tiny HTC has been churning out.

Nokia has now announced that they are ditching their operating systems and going to use Windows Phone 7. While this is a big win for Microsoft, it is pretty pathetic coming from the world's largest phone maker, that they have failed so completely.

But really, where the hell does their $4 billion a year go? Nokia has not been "market-leading" or innovative in years - probably since the early 2000's.


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