Libya in Flames

Libya is burning, as Quaddafi is trying to hold onto power through the use of force.

The situation is so bad in the country that Quaddafi has been importing thousands of mercenaries from other African nations, and those mercenaries have been firing indiscriminately upon protesters, and using small aircraft to bomb the squares as well.

His own special service (a clear sign of a crazy dictatorship is always when there are two separate militaries) has also been firing on protesters, but regular police and the traditional Army have been standing aside or joining with the protesters.

He really needs to go. the man is insane. In his last UN speech, he stated that Jack Ruby was an "Israeli," the Security Council is a "terrorist" group, and Barack Obama is "my son." It is disturbing that the US and the UK have done quite a lot to keep the madman in power. The recent deal with the UK for the Lockerbie bomber in exchange for BP oil rights will do down as one of the most despicable and deplorable acts of the British government.

Thankfully, the people are taking things into their own hands. What would I do if I were the US? Take out the mercenaries. A few predator/tomahawk strikes would go a long way in this instance. Do it well, and it would never be clear that the US was involved at all.

Again, the risk however is that all of the nations in this region end up not as democracies, but as Islamic dictatorships, in which case we are in for a very difficult balance of international politics in the region. We should be doing all we can to support true democracy in the region.

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