One Sausage, Three Sizes

Quick, name this car:

Nope, not the A4, this is the new A8. Confused? You should be.

Because they are pretty much identical looking. The A8 is just 30% larger.

The car is meant to be great and all, but I think it is pretty interesting that Audi is back to building the same car in three sizes. This is the old old Audi strategy, one that they used to follow much more than Mercedes or BMW ever did. Audi has said they expect to grow massively over the next five years, and personally, I think they are going to have a hard time doing it when their $80,000 flagship looks exactly the same as the entry-level A4. Mebbe thats just me, but I don't want people thinking their perspective has gotten all screwed up and rear-ending me.

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