Ok, this is more a personal call than a stock call, but let me explain.

Apple has jumped the shark. The iPad this summer was the peak of Apple for the foreseeable future. The last 10 years have belonged to Apple in terms of innovation. The next 10 will belong to Google and their Asian hardware partners.

Android will beat iOS, have no doubt. The iPad is a nice piece of hardware, as is the iPhone. But there is a reason that Mac's are only 10% of the market, not 90%. One form factor, closed down ecosystem, limited channel distribution, high price point and limited feature set will mean Apple looses in the end.

And right now they are overvalued. Wildly overvalued. They are the second largest company in the world by market cap. Which makes about as much sense as electing a college professor to be President.

So, short AAPL is my call.

If you want to buy something, but SNDK - the future will be ruled by flash memory, and SanDisk will be providing it.

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