US Carbon Emissions drop the most ever in 2009!

US carbon emissions dropped 7% in 2009! Wooo!!

Yeah, except the US GDP dropped 6.4%... not woo.

The 0.6% real decrease there was because of the US shifting away from manufacturing and towards a service economy.

The interesting thing is that the global recession has done more for 2009-2011 than any agreement at Copenhagen would have done. Specifically, as someone who deals with these projections every day, it is likely that US and EU oil demand has already peaked, and the big remaining hurdle is energy generation (which we figured out the answer to 50 years ago and then decided to not use fully. Humans are idiots sometimes.)

As I have said before - I think carbon legislation is a good thing, it is illegal to dump anywhere else, why should it be legal to dump into the atmosphere? Though I believe there is no clear cut evidence on anthropogenic climate change, that does not give mankind the license to run about willly nilly dumping crap into the sky.

Anyway, irresponsible government lending practices achieved what irresponsible governments could not, and so we are now pumping out less carbon than we would have been.

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