I hate Delta

I have had many bad experiences on Delta. I once stood in a long line for customer service (as in over an hour line), while there were three people behind the counter. One of them was texting constantly, and literally hiding under the counter, a second was sort of slowly talking to a woman, but really was obviously just stalling for time, and kept asking the third if he could take a break yet. The third, a nice but completely exasperated girl, was trying to handle all of the customer issues, all at the same time. This being Delta, there were a lot of customer issues. I doubt she lasted more than 3months with Delta. Honestly, the approach of every Delta employee seems to be that you are an annoying POS just for showing up and flying with them. Well fuck you Delta and cheers to your long decline.

This, to me, typifies Delta:

Entire Dog Lost, Delta Offers $200 Credit

Where's Paco? Josiah doesn't know, his girlfriend doesn't know, someone at Delta might know. After all, Delta was supposed to load Josiah's new dog on the same plane that Josiah got on. Paco didn't land with them. Frantic, Josiah called around desperately before being told that Paco was safe and sound, being taken care of by Delta employees, who would put him on the next flight out. Paco wasn't on that one either. More harried calls and Delta told Josiah Paco had "escaped" and the best they could do is refund his $200.00 pet transportation fee, but only as a "credit" for future Delta travel. That doesn't do Josiah any good, as he's vowed to never fly Delta again.

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