BP Blew It

So.. turns out that BP ignored all kinds of signs that their well was about to pull a mentos-in-the-soda-bottle. It does seem as though this was a very much preventable accident, and something which could have easily been avoided.

Why BP? Why?

I support the oil industry. For gods sake I work in the oil industry. This is just stupid. BP had worked so hard for the last 5 years trying to fix "big oil's" reputation, and try and make BP a cleaner more environmentally friendly company.

And then with a lack of intelligence and a string of bad decisions, not only is that corporate image blown to hell, there is even more widespread hatred of the oil companies. Deservedly.

Of course, what this will lead to is more government regulation and less offshore drilling, which is in fact a bad thing (though I will say that this spill pisses me off - we do need offshore drilling in this country).

Maybe they should just pull a Comcast and rename themselves, to something like Xplosiv... no no.. that would not work.. how about.. Xtremelysorry... that might help.

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