Tuna and the French

When it comes to fishing in international waters, the true Dr. Evil is Japan, but France is not far behind.

France, as usual, is full of crap and looking out for only its best interests. They really are just scummy.

The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (Iccat) is the organization which is meant to monitor and maintain a healthy limit on the annual catch of the Atlantic bluefin tuna. It is, however, generally referred to as the International Conspiracy to Catch All Tunas - because tuna stocks are at an all-time low, and we seriously risk wiping out major species.


You see, the French claim that their fishermen were "the most controlled, the most responsible and the most respectable" in the Mediterranean. Which is about as likely as French cars being the most reliable, or French soldiers for that matter.

They say the fleet should be allowed to catch 13,500 tons of tuna this year, which they described as "recommended by scientists." Bullshit. Even the International Conspiracy to Catch All Tunas' scientists stated that at those levels "tuna stocks have a 60% of recovery by 2022." Which also means they face a 40% risk of collapse. Like playing Russian roulette with three rounds cambered?

The French, quite simply are being short-sighted idiots interested in only their own personal payoff. In other words, they are being French.

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