A Government Of Idiots

One of the provisions of Obamacare was all about getting prescription drug prices down. This is seen as a major part of socialized medicine.

And now, the drug companies (originally thinking that they were getting a pretty good deal, they went along with the bill) realized that Obamacare will screw them over in the long run.

And what does cutting back on profits in the pharmaceutical industry do? Why, it saves the poor people from those money grubbing corporate assholes who make money off of people suffering, and make grandma pay exorbitant fees, and just issue and re-issue the same drugs under different patents and combinations for centuries muaahahah MUAHAHAA.

Yeah, thats what you think. If you are an idiot.

Really, what happens when you drastically cut back on profits of drug companies? And listen up because this one will be a shocker to anyone who supported Obamacare: the drug companies don't have any money to make new drugs.

"Like ohmygod really?"

Yes, really. Drugs are very very expensive to develop, and they need the profits on patented drugs which--yes--only cost $2 a bottle to manufacture, because otherwise they don't have any money do develop new drugs. There are two logical solutions to this, if you think drugs are a good thing (and they are): lower the costs of approval (about $500million over 7 years, last I read), and allow drug companies to charge the prices that they set and the market to operate efficiently, allocating capital where it should be allocated (something Obamacare does not do).

And so what is the Obamination looking at doing next? Well, paying people to develop drugs of course. Who the fuck is this Adam Smith guy anyway?

According to Representative Henry Waxman, a California Democrat and the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, as well as someone I have personally dealt with and confidently say is a huge fucking moron: “There is a market failure." We need to look at ways to spur development of this market.”

Wow!!! Spur development of a market!!! How can you do that??? Oh yeah!!! We have all this money fresh off Obama's presses - lets use that!!!

Honestly - I think that is Mr. Waxman's level of intelligence. And the level of intelligence of many others currently in office. Their solution to totally fucking up a free market is to fuck it up further (mortgages... healthcare... now pharmaceuticals).


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